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Who We Are

The Opal Ocean Organization is a non-profit dedicated to donating its event proceeds to ocean and water conservation, marine life research, ocean awareness, and education. We believe that experience is the leading drive behind the inspiration and hunger people feel to conserve our ocean. This is why we plan close encounters with sea life on our retreats and events in efforts to create a blissful and lasting experience that will encourage and educate others to participate in our conservation goals globally.

OOO partners with yoga instructors, vegan chefs, beautiful vacation homes, and local excursion companies to bring you the experience of a life time. We also partner with local conservation foundations and sea inspired sponsorship goodies to provide you with a heart-filled yoga retreats that will leave you feeling purposeful and show you the magic under the sea.

What We Do

OOO focuses on providing all-inclusive yoga retreats in the The Florida Keys and other precious diving gem locations around the globe that create proceeds which are fully donated towards conservation efforts. Want to join us on a yoga retreat? Click here to find out more!

Current proceeds are being donated to local organizations in The Florida Keys and to globally located researchers whose goal is to create a more lively ocean in which marine life, including the important coral reefs, can thrive. Here at Opal Ocean we understand the importance of ocean conservation and want to share that passion with you through an experience that not only gives back to the earth but also gives back to YOU by providing you the vacation of a lifetime.

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